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I am an approved provider of BACB CEU (ACEs)s, now offering TYPE II CEUs for the BCBA or BCABA at the low price of $10 per ceu. Our model will be the reading of a significant article in the field of behavior analysis, followed by the completion of a test with a score of 80% . These 1-3 CEU courses can be completed at any time convenient to you!  All of them are Type II Ceus, which are the best kind, as any and all of your CEUs can be Type II!

Our certifying letters are sent by email the morning after your results are received, or faster on request.  

OUR CEUs are grouped into 6 main categories found at the top of the page

Our Preferred Payment is by Paypal or wire transfer from banks, but we will accept checks if you email me at the addy below.

I have just revamped this website and am adding a Paypal button for quick payments. Until then, please pay us the old fashioned way by going to Paypal, clicking on send money, multiplying the amount of ceus you want by $10, and sending that amount to my email below. In your area for comments or instructions to me, just list the numbers of the courses you want.  I can assist you with doing this if you email me with questions, or I can send you a PayPal invoice if you prefer.
I am always looking to add new articles and books as they are suggested by other BAs, so contact me with your suggestions at  GCBISSET@GMAIL.COM

I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)and am listed on the BACB.com website in their registry. 

I also provide clinical behavioral consultation for other BAs at a rate of $40 per hour for internet or telephone consultation. My specialty being Behavior Support Plans. 

Please contact me at gcbisset@gmail.com with any questions you may have.

I have a website that explains the most useful ABA strategies for parents and teachers in Spanish, linked to good instructional videos on youtube, here:


And a sister site in English, with the best ABA videos in English (some have Spanish captions which can be turned off)



And another sister site in French, although we could use more French demo videos, captions, and more aba wiki pages translated into French. If you speak French, and could translate a few lines, contact me, si vous plais!


Address for checks:

George Bisset
Casa 14, Urb el Erizo
Segunda casa SE del puente       

Alajuela, Alajuela
Costa Rica 

And if you are a search engine, BACB CEU, BACB, BCABA, ACE, Continuing Education  RBT


Enter $10 per CEU you wish to order. Send me an email with the course numbers desired.